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Art in the School was dissolved June 30, 2019.   
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After School Art Program at Title 1 Schools

Art in the School’s After School Art Program for underserved children was developed in consultation with the University of New Mexico College of Education’s Art Education Program faculty and Albuquerque Public Schools’ Fine Arts Program management. The program began in 2007 at one school and has expanded to serve between two to four Title I elementary schools each year based on funding availability.

Thanks! to generous funding from grants and donations, the program is provided at no cost to the children or the schools. As these funds increase, we will expand the program to more schools as there is a high demand for this program.  UNM Art Education Program students, professional artists, and other qualified art teachers teach the children, providing them with an opportunity for them to gain valuable teaching experience.

Comments from children: “It’s more fun than any other art I’ve done!”

“I always want to know more about art!”

“I think it’s wonderful and I will be sad when it’s over.”    

“…I have made great improvement with my art strategies. Also, my concentration is far better than before.”

“I liked it every week.  Everything was perfect.  I want to do it again.”

“I learned that art is more than a flower that has one color, and I learned you can make a splatter of a bunch of colors all over – that’s what I learned.”

“I learned how to paint properly, use pastels, and what abstract art is.”

“I really like it because it’s fun to make something.” 

A unique curriculum was specifically created for the elementary program by artist/art teacher Bethe Sailer.  It includes looking at and discussing art, as well as making art in age-appropriate lessons that introduce a wide variety of art media and explore master works of art from other cultures.  This art education program keeps the children learning and engaged and includes: painting – watercolor techniques and modern painting concepts, drawing, fish print making, other print making, pottery, African masks, Hispanic tin work, tessellations, scientific illustration and more. Our experienced art teachers frequently create new, interesting lessons to add to our curriculum.

Parents and friends enjoy an end of semester art show
“Thank you for bringing out my child’s creative side.”

“I wish there were more programs like this.” 

Comments from parents: 

“This class has meant reinforcing a love of creativity”

“gave my child the opportunity to work with different media and techniques and create finished art pieces.”

“…we would love more programs like this in school.”

“I am really glad you have this program.  My child is able to express herself.”

“Many thanks to the donors who made this possible!”

“He has shown an artist side I haven’t seen before!”

“My child looks forward to class and comes home talking about art and artists.”

“She gained a better appreciation for art. She loved all the variety of projects and learning to work in different mediums.” 

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