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Professional Development Workshops 


Our professional development workshops for certified teachers show how an arts-infused, inquiry-based curriculum and imaginative teaching provide multiple ways for students to be successful.  Art education reinforces problem-solving skills, addressing multiple intelligences and provides multiple ways of learning. Our professional development workshops show how to effectively incorporate art into all subject areas, inspiring and enabling teachers to create an art-centered approach to education. Teachers love attending our workshops, which are filled with practical ideas and fun, hands-on activities.


Teachers are also invited to attend our volunteer program trainings, held throughout the school year, at no charge. See the Volunteer Program page for more information:  Volunteer Program Information



I feel like I have a hole in my pedagogy that this helps to fill.”

 “This meets APS’s gifted strands for critical thinking and creativity.  I can use these lessons with all of my B level students.”

“Excellent ideas.  Great ways to connect core concepts by using art.  It gave me fresh new ideas to help support our school’s core curriculum with our art program.  


“The connection to Core Curriculum was helpful and would give justification for utilizing art lessons to school administration.  I liked learning about the visual thinking strategy and also appreciated that the presenter modeled the use of it.” 

“I will use these concepts to help support our core classes such as math and language arts.  I will also use them to enhance critical thinking skills.” 

 “I can’t express enough my gratitude for programs like Art in the School.”


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