About Art in the School

Art in the School is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit art education organization for children.  Our mission is to open the doors to learning through the visual arts.  We enrich education in New Mexico several ways:

  • We teach parent and grandparent volunteers to teach comprehensive art education lessons in their children’s classrooms.
  • We provide a free after school art program at Title I elementary schools in Albuquerque.
  • We provide professional development for teachers where they learn how to use visual art education to enhance and enrich the curriculum across the board.
Why Art in the School Was Created

Art in the School was founded by art historian Sara Otto-Diniz in 1985 when funding for art education had been eliminated in the public schools.  While state legislation in 2003, restored some art funding to New Mexico schools, it still doesn’t provide art education to every child every year.  Albuquerque Public Schools, the state’s largest district with over 90,000 students, can only provide art teachers to elementary schools every other year, rotating with a music teacher. Some of Albuquerque’s middle schools do not have an art teacher and cannot offer it as an elective.  Districts statewide are challenged to meet all the needs of the students. But schools administrators, parents and children all agree:  art is a vital part of quality education.  Art in the School exists to help support education in New Mexico by providing quality visual art education.

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Art in the School Staff

 Vaisu Desai Bronk, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Lannie Alexander, President      Retired art teacher, artist, animal rights activist

Barbara Lohbeck, Vice President    MasterWorks of NM Founder/Coordinator, former member of City of ABQ Public Art Board, Bardean LLC owner/president; retired elementary school special education teacher

Woody Duncan, Treasurer    Retired middle school art teacher, artist

Lezlie Schreiber    Dance Instructor, arts enthusiast

Rose Meyer      Retired teacher and instructional coach

Patricia Williams     Retired art educator and artist

Dianne Parker    Retired children and family psychologist, artist 

Nicole Kesel     Art educator, artist, arts researcher, historian and philosopher

Raisa Koshkin   Mathematics educator, IT specialist, arts enthusiast

Advisory Board for After School Program

 Laurel Lampela, Ph.D. Professor, University of New Mexico Art Education Program

Suzanne Schadl, Associate Professor and Regents’ Lecturer, College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences; Curator, Latin American Collections, UNM Libraries; Outreach Coordinator, UNM Libraries

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Vaisu Desai Bronk, Executive Director, in a video produced by Albuquerque Involved.

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Art in the School

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Albuquerque, NM  87190-3416

(505) 306-0471

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